Home Cabling Q. What is Home Cabling? A. Home Cabling is an infrastructure installed into a home which can carry numerous technologies.   Q. Can any home have a Home Cabling System?   A. Yes, any home, any size can benefit from Home Cabling, it is obviously beneficial to undertake a Home Cabling installation during either a new build or refurbishment.   Q. I want my home cabled, who do I call?   A. Your own Electrical Contractor is more than capable of installing our system, have him contact us and we will talk him through any concerns he may have. Q. I've seen various wireless products, why should I cable my home if wireless technology is available?   A. Wireless technology has moved on in recent years, however, if you want the best possible connection then you will not beat a wired connection The Wiselan Home Networking System is manufactured in the UK and it gives you the best of both worlds. It provides the ability to connect fixed devices such as Smart Televisions and Desktop PCs to your wired network whilst allowing the connection of Wireless Access Points anywhere in your home.   Q. Do you have an installation guide for your system?   A. Yes, it is downloadable from our support pages TV Distribution Q. How many TV points can I connect to your system?   A. Our TV Distribution unit allows the connection of Nine TV's (this is expandable).   Q. Your TV Outlet plates have two outlets, what is the other outlet for?   A. The other outlet is for DAB (Digital radio or FM), these signals travel down the same cable as the TV & Satellite signals (assuming you install a source).   Q. I purchased one of your kits but decided to use my own TV wall plates, I now find that I can't use Magic Eyes, why is that?   A. You need to ensure that your TV wall plates are 'Non Isolated' Q. I have connected a TV signal to the Wiselan Amplifier but I am not getting any distributed signal around the home? A. Ensure that the Wiselan 'Lounge Plate' is installed, if you do not have a SKY box installed at this point you need to create  a link to the ‘Return’ socket from the ‘TV Out’ socket on the Lounge Plate (the SKY Box usually creates this link).   Q. Can I watch SKY, SKY+ or Freeview  through your system?   A. Yes, you can watch SKY, SKY+ or Freeview* through the Wiselan system and you can have remote control from any room, please see our Online Shop for details.   Q. Where does my SKY box have to be situated to distribute it's signal around the home?   A. Anywhere you choose, as long as the Wiselan 'Lounge Plate' is installed in the location you want the SKY box (this can be in any room or cupboard etc.).   Q. Can I connect more than one Sky box to your system?   A. Yes, see our Installation Guide for information.   Q. Can I connect my Cable service to your system?   A. Yes, you can connect Cable services to our system please see our support pages for TV Distribution schematics. Also please check with your Cable provider whether their box can be controlled remotely.   Q. How do I wire my TV points to work with the Wiselan system?   A. Please see our Installation Guide for wiring information.   Q. What kind of cable should I use?   A. Please see our Online Shop in the section for Cable & Connectors.   CCTV Q. How many cameras can I connect to your system A. Your options are endless, modern DVRs (Recording Units) can accept multiple Cameras, these units have a single output which is connected to the Wiselan System Surround Sound  Q. How does the Wiselan system cater for Surround Sound?
Frequently Asked Questions:
A. Surround Sound systems, regardless of how much they cost rely on one thing, cable & connections, if you don't have a quality infrastructure then the quality of your audio experience will be diminished. Wiselan stock very high quality cable specifically for audio applications such as Surround Sound. Please visit our Online Shop for details
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