Profile:  Incorporated in 1999, Wiselan were at the forefront of the emerging technology we see today in so many homes. We have developed what we believe to be the best Home Cabling System on the market with particular thought being given to the Installer. Our products are cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install and use. The Wiselan Home Cabling System is Patent protected and Wiselan is a registered trademark. Our Mission: To provide high quality components with the required support to make a difference to the way people live their lives.  To help people embrace technology & enhance homes both in terms of prestige and value.
Partnerships: Wiselan start working with Developers and Building professionals long before a brick has been laid. We are involved in a project from conception to completion. Also, knowing that Electrical Contractors are ideally placed to install this technolgy, we work with leading Electrical Wholesalers so that our products are available on their shelves.
Support: Developers can install this technology with peace of mind, through the training of their installers and after sales support to their purchasers we ensure that what is a value added product does not become a customer services burden.
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