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£14.99 + VAT
£2.99 + VAT
Instead of buying individual components, why not buy everything you need in kit form here?
The Wiselan Magic eye kit is to be used in conjunction with our TV distribution unit. This simple plug in device and additional SKY PLUS Remote Control allows you to change the channels of your SKY PLUS box from other rooms in the home.
Wiselan® 8 way TV Distribution extender kit. Used in conjunction with our 9 way TV Distribution unit to provide 8no. additional outlets.
£44.00 + VAT
Wiselan®  multiple input & Nine output TV distribution unit. Providing Distributed TV, FM, DAB, SKY, SKY+, CCTV & Freeview around your home.
£79.00 + VAT
Wiselan® TV/RADIO Wall outlet, non isolated for use with Magic Eye I.R extenders
Wiselan® TV/Radio module 50mm x 50mm for use in conjunction with our range of faceplates.
£9.50 + VAT
Wiselan®  SKY Plus Lounge Plate Used in conjunction with our 9 way TV Distribution unit.
£16.99 + VAT
Wiselan® Magic Eye IR extender, use this simple plug in device to control SKY or SKY + in other rooms of your home
£4.99 + VAT
The Wiselan® HD Combiner allows the connection of up to four HD or SKY + Boxes. The unit is programmable which means that previous Remote Control conflicts are now a thing of the past.
£39.99 + VAT
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